Q: What is the difference in your trailers and the other guys trailers.

A: The biggest difference is the composition of the frame. Ours is all tube and theirs is not.

Q: What size ball do I need, when I pick up my trailer?

A: A single axle trailer requires a 2″ ball and a tandem axle trailer requires a 2 5/16 ball.

Q: How high do I need to set my receiver to be able to pull the trailer level?

A: The distance from the ground to the bottom of the receiver should be 14 to 15 inches to be level.

Q. What is required to pull my trailer behind a motor home?

A: If you are buying a V-Nose trailer then you will need a 18 inch extended tongue.

Q. What kind of electrical hook up is on the trailer?

A. The single axle trailers comes with a 4 way flat plug and the tandem axle trailer has a 7 way round plug.

Q. Why would I need an all tube frame?

A. The trailer framed with a tube main frame and channel steel flex and eventually breaks the welds in the walls and ceiling. We see this all the time, welds broken and walls dropping down.

Q. Am I buying from the factory.

A. No..everyone buys through a dealer in Georgia and if someone tells you that you are buying factory direct then that is a complete misrepresentation.

Q. Who warranties my trailer?

A. The trailer is warrantied by the manufacturer, but a reputable dealer will assist you with any warranty issues.

Q. What happens when I use a website form to ask for more information?

A. We will send you a follow up quote and several follow up emails with important information about our company and the process.
*We take you privacy seriously if you ever want to be removed please lets us know, we will stop sending you emails right away.